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Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressing
Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressing

Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressings are broad spectrum 7 day use antimicrobial barrier burn dressings. The surface of the nylon-based burn dressing is plated with pure metallic silver, which is the source of the antimicrobial silver ion. The silver ions disassociate from the surface of the burn dressing in the presence of moisture. Silver ion release rates are maintained by maintaining the moisture content of the burn and wound dressing.

Currently, the FDA Cleared Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressing is used in Burn Care Centers and by USA Military. Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressings are indicated for use on 1st and 2nd Degree Burns, Donor and Graft Sites, Partial and Full-thickness Wounds, Acute Wounds, Lacerations, Abrasions, Traumatic Wounds, Surgical Wounds, Dehisced Wounds, Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, and Venous Ulcers. Silverlon® Burn Contact Dressings have the longest and highest sustained release of all the antimicrobial silver burn dressings.
Size: BCD-44 - 4" X 4.5" 10/box
BCD-48 - 4" X 8" 10/box
BCD-816 - 8" X 16" 5/box
BCD-1616 - 16" X 16" each
BCD-2424 - 24" X 24" each

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