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Secondary dressing required to hold in place.

Spand-Gel™ primary wound hydrogel dressing provides a moist, cool wound-healing environment to promote granulation tissue formation. It relieves pain, burning, itching and soreness. Spand-Gel™ absorbs wound exudates 3 times its weight. Provides a barrier from exogenous bacteria and fluids and does not adhere to tissue

Spand-Gel™ comes in specialized shapes and sizes to fit any area. This cool, aloe-based hydrogel sheet may be used in conjunction with Burn Block Lotion. Best when cooled in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before using to provide soothing, cooling relief and a more comfortable recovery. This product may be rinsed off, placed in a zip-locked bag and refrigerated for later use.

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Size: SPHFM1 - Whole Face
SPHFM1 - Whole Face (6/case)
SPHFM2 - Half Face - Qty: 1
SPHFM2 - Half Face - 6/case)
SPHBW1 - Breast Wrap - Qty: 1
SPHBW1 - Breast Wrap (6/case)
SPHNW1 - Neck Wrap - Qty: 1
SPHNW1 - Neck Wrap (6/case)
SPHSA4 - 4" x 4" - Qty: 1
SPHSA4 - 4" x 4" (30/case)
SPHSA5 - 5" x 9" - Qty: 1
SPHSA5 - 5" x 9" (30/case)
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